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About us

Mr. Playwood has been developing sketches and drafting of wooden constructions all his life so you just enjoy the process of assembly of models and watch how you create a miracle with your own hands.

Each gift model consists of three elements:


Box design is awesome! You can shake it and listen to it. You may be fascinated to know the answer to the question “what’s inside?”.


Self-assembled kinetic wooden models are made to surprise you. Non-standard thoughts, gigantic scales, unique mechanisms. Each model’s detail is a step towards a new discovery.


Miracle is when a new universe grows out of a tree. He spins, moves toward you, and comes alive. Believe in it. Magic in pure form.


Fantasy Universe


Mechanical Wooden model

The real lenses of the Microscope may be used to zoom in up to 40 times and see things which you never noticed before. Mechanical focusing may even be used to pay a visit to the infusoria.


This device assembled by Mr. Playwood when he was ten years old was bought by the peasants’ tribe. They used the Microscope to study pollen, seeds and minute pests.

Thanks to the Microscope they identified and successfully eliminated microscopic sponger beetles responsible for ruining more than a handful of fruit farms set up on the branches of the Great Tree.

To assemble the microscope Mr. Playwood used, alongside durable tree bark, solid transparent resin and meteorite chips stuck in the branches.

The Microscope is one of Mr. Playwood’s most complex inventions: it took him a whooping three months to develop the device.

Instead of magnifying small items the first version of the Microscope literally reduced them to ashes. This model is now used by Mr. Playwood as a burner.

Early on, Mr. Playwood was so shocked by things seen in the Microscope, he lost all appetite for a week. Infusoria he detected seemed like fairly ghastly creatures to him. Yet when he got to know them better, he took a liking to them, gave them names and even began inviting them to parties.

Mr. Playwood, however, became particularly attached to one specific infusorium. He called her Cornelia and dedicated a poem to her – the text, unfortunately, now lost to the ages.

The estimated value of this gadget equals the value of ten Elephant or three Shotguns.

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characteristics :

340 x 175 x 430 mm / 104 pcs

Take parts out of wooden holders and assemble by manual.

  • wood

  • age 14+

  • no glue

  • family friendly

Material : sanded plywood optical lenses mirror black paper wax wooden axles – 5 items

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