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About us

Mr. Playwood has been developing sketches and drafting of wooden constructions all his life so you just enjoy the process of assembly of models and watch how you create a miracle with your own hands.

Each gift model consists of three elements:


Box design is awesome! You can shake it and listen to it. You may be fascinated to know the answer to the question “what’s inside?”.


Self-assembled kinetic wooden models are made to surprise you. Non-standard thoughts, gigantic scales, unique mechanisms. Each model’s detail is a step towards a new discovery.


Miracle is when a new universe grows out of a tree. He spins, moves toward you, and comes alive. Believe in it. Magic in pure form.


Fantasy Universe

Fantasy Universe



447 х 280 х 640 mm / 158 pcs

Идея создания гломбуса пришла в голову Мистеру Плейвуду, когда он после серии экспериментов убедился, что Земля круглая.

Tower bridge

540 х 160 х 370 mm / 312 pcs

This bridge is a miracle of engineering from Mr. Playwood, that he had created with help of old sculpture copied after Tower Bridge.

90 $

Snail – moneybox

200 х 170 х 195 mm / 83 pcs

One of the first invention of Mr.Playwood, he was inspired by his pet – giant snail called Slipper.

43 $


660 х 75 х 160 mm / 96 pcs

This invention saw the light of day as a result of the young engineer acquainting himself with ancient comic books about superheroes which he discovered in the Great Arboreal Library.

58 $

Pedestrian bridge

550 х 280 х 410 mm / 229 pcs

Pedestrian Bridge connected the domains of the peasants and the scribes. At night, it was elevated to stop the fare-dodging nomads from using it.

79 $


212 х 22 х 123 mm / 112 pcs

This mechanism devised by Mr. Playwood when he was just seven years old, elephant used to transport small- scale loads like fruits and nuts.

72 $


340 х 175 х 430 mm / 104 pcs

Assembled by Mr. Playwood when he was ten years old was bought by the peasants’ tribe. They used the Microscope to study pollen, seeds and minute pests.

92 $